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Welcome to Prompt University, where we redefine the boundaries of Generative AI and Prompt Engineering. Thousands have elevated their skills & achieved unparalleled productivity gains with our expert-driven training. Your success could be next. Start your transformative journey with us today.


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Foundational Course

Designed with corporate learners in mind, our foundational online course "Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT for Corporates" seamlessly blends real-world skills with an emphasis on safe AI adoption. This is the one training that will instill a culture of innovation from day one, unlocking transformative AI potential.

Corporate programs

Our corporate programs are customised and curated, engaging your team from executives to operational levels. Experience tailored programs with engaging speakers, inducing change with actionable outcomes.

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Success Stories in Action

Mastering Generative AI – Workshop for CXOs in the Packaging Sector

Generative AI Drives Innovation and Engagement in Banking

AI and Industrial IoT for a Luxury Brand

What they say

Thousands of learners trust us with their future, here's why.

Maeve Devery

HR People Partner

“The course proved to be incredibly useful, providing me with practical insights and strategies that I am eager to implement in my role at Consilient Health. Your expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning process not only productive but also enjoyable. I am particularly excited about applying the principles of Corporate Prompt Engineering to enhance our HR processes and communication within our organization. The knowledge gained during the course will undoubtedly contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our team”
Consilient Health

Alastair Coull, PhD

Lead of Pictet Academy

“We have been extremely pleased with the trainings that Prompt University have rolled out to over 500 of our employees at this stage, engaging them concretely with use cases and prompt engineering. The feedbacks exceeded our expectations.”

Jan Baur, PhD

Head of Digital Lab

“The prompt university has delivered a tailored and engaging session for our entities, onboarding a diverse audience to the field of prompting. The session provided our collaborators with key elements for efficient usage of tools and inspired a new use case in our business.”
Total Energies Trading

Steve Babureck

Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development

“Prompt University effectively bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and business needs with their pragmatic approach. Their courses, enriched by real-life project experiences in Generative AI, have empowered me to navigate the tech-business interface with confidence.”

Christine Moriceau

Informatics Partner

“Prompt University has delivered insightful presentations at our company-wide Generative AI conferences and hands-on sessions have been equally impressive, promoting a robust understanding of the subject for everyone involved, the instructors are both highly knowledgeable as well as pedagogical.”

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