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About Prompt University

Our story: From AI Consulting to Upskilling

Prompt University wasn’t just an idea that popped into existence; it was born from a dedicated project at Effixis. As a leading AI/LLM consulting powerhouse, Effixis crafted over 70 transformative AI projects across a myriad of industries. But as we engaged with more than 1,000 global executives and professionals, we discerned a vivid picture - a potent desire to delve deep into the world of AI, paired with an earnest quest for knowledge. It was clear: there was a gap, and Prompt University was conceived to bridge it. More than just a place of learning, we stand as the nexus where aspirations meet expertise, sculpting the AI visionaries of tomorrow.

Our instructors

Our Instructors

Real Impact, Real Companies: our corporate training programs have catalyzed growth and innovation in organizations across industries.

Rémi Sabonnadière

CEO @Effixis

Zachary Schillaci, PhD,

Head of AI @Effixis

Melvin Kianmansesh

CEO @Prompt University

Arash Sorouchyari

Technology & Banking Expert

Pr. Joe Peppard

Professor and Academic Director @UCD

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