AI's potential is clear, yet mindset and skills often block adoption

Corporate Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering, the art and science of constructing optimal prompts, is pivotal for businesses aiming to harness the full potential of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT. By mastering this discipline, organizations can ensure safe, precise, and powerful AI interactions while mitigating uncertainties and realizing a 25% efficiency gain in tasks.

Our course goes beyond theoretical knowledge, delving deep into practical strategies for integrating ChatGPT seamlessly into daily tasks.

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Beginner to Intermediate


Entry-level to Executives (Office jobs)

Lesson type

On-line, self-paced


04 hours

Unlock Immediate Productivity Skills

Drive Adoption of an AI Mindset

Tailored to Your Needs

Ensure Safe and Ethical Use


Key Course Features

  • Practical & Hands-on Content
  • Videos & Quizz
  • 500+ Prompts Library Tailored for Corporates
  • Examples & Case studies
  • Prompt Engineering Secret Tips & Tricks
  • Adapted to Corporate Tools (Bing Chat Enterprise)
  • Prompt Engineering Principles
  • Option: Customized Case Studies
  • Option: Customized Examples
  • Option: Customized Video from CEO / Leadership Team
  • Prompt Templates
  • 30+ Segments
  • Best Practices
  • Updates for New Tools
  • Program

    Course Summary

    Explore the realm of Generative AI, illustrating its augmentative role in daily life. Witness its applications, from visuals to AI-generated text. An optional message from your leadership emphasizes the course’s relevance, setting the stage for a transformative learning experience.
    Journey through Large Language Models like ChatGPT, understanding their capabilities and limitations. Grasp critical evaluation skills for AI outputs and get introduced to the concept of Prompt Engineering, complete with demonstrations of AI in corporate scenarios.
    Compare LLMs to driving a car – knowing the basics enhances the experience. Get a simplified insight into how LLMs function, their training principles, and develop an intuitive understanding vital for mastering Prompt Engineering.
    Kickstart your Prompt Engineering journey with hands-on experience on platforms like ChatGPT. This section focuses on navigation, corporate guidelines, and by the end, participants will have crafted their initial prompt, prepping for advanced techniques.
    Deep dive into the discipline of Prompt Engineering, structured around eight key principles. Learn to craft effective prompts, minimizing AI errors, and refining based on feedback. Real-world examples reinforce knowledge, ensuring practical application of learned concepts.
    While basics lay the foundation, advanced techniques perfect your skills. Explore strategies to enhance prompt quality and adaptability, pushing the boundaries of AI applications. By the end, you’re not just using ChatGPT — you’re optimizing it.
    Operate LLMs with caution and awareness. Address common pitfalls and manage AI ‘hallucinations’. Understand protocols for data handling and confidentiality. Discuss LLM biases and strategies for fairness. By the end, participants will use LLMs both proficiently and responsibly.
    Map the evolving landscape of AI. Understand the current landscape, discover areas of AI impact and future potential, delve into ongoing cutting-edge AI research, analyze AI’s role in businesses now and ahead, and get guidance on leveraging AI for career growth. Assess AI’s broader societal effects. Armed with this, participants are prepared to navigate AI’s vast and evolving terrain.


    Know your Instructor

    Melvin Kian

    CEO, Prompt University | Founder, Effixis

    Melvin is a celebrated Mathematical Engineer from EPFL who’s deeply immersed in the AI and ML landscape for over a decade. With a track record of leading 70+ transformative AI projects and partnerships with renowned entities like FINMA, Melvin’s expertise is unparalleled. His passion for education is evident in his engagement with over 1,000 professionals, ranging from emerging analysts to industry-leading executives.

    These interactions, rich in learning and transformation, have been the catalyst for this course. Inspired by his students’ journeys, Melvin wishes to broaden his impact, guiding many more through the nuances of AI.

    In his words, “Just as with social media, AI has its pros and cons. My mission is to ensure individuals harness it for empowerment, not alienation.” Outside the tech sphere, Melvin is a spirited trail runner and boxer. Join this course to benefit from Melvin’s vast insights, and take a leap into a brighter, AI-empowered future.

    Course impact

    What they say

    Maeve Devery

    HR People Partner

    “The course proved to be incredibly useful, providing me with practical insights and strategies that I am eager to implement in my role at Consilient Health. Your expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning process not only productive but also enjoyable. I am particularly excited about applying the principles of Corporate Prompt Engineering to enhance our HR processes and communication within our organization. The knowledge gained during the course will undoubtedly contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our team”
    Consilient Health

    Alastair Coull, PhD

    Lead of Pictet Academy

    “We have been extremely pleased with the trainings that Prompt University have rolled out to over 500 of our employees at this stage, engaging them concretely with use cases and prompt engineering. The feedbacks exceeded our expectations.”

    Jan Baur, PhD

    Head of Digital Lab

    “The prompt university has delivered a tailored and engaging session for our entities, onboarding a diverse audience to the field of prompting. The session provided our collaborators with key elements for efficient usage of tools and inspired a new use case in our business.”
    Total Energies Trading

    Steve Babureck

    Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development

    “Prompt University effectively bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and business needs with their pragmatic approach. Their courses, enriched by real-life project experiences in Generative AI, have empowered me to navigate the tech-business interface with confidence.”

    Christine Moriceau

    Informatics Partner

    “Prompt University has delivered insightful presentations at our company-wide Generative AI conferences and hands-on sessions have been equally impressive, promoting a robust understanding of the subject for everyone involved, the instructors are both highly knowledgeable as well as pedagogical.”

    Dive Deeper: Clarifications and Insights


    This course is tailored for professionals across industries, from those at the analyst level to top-tier executives. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the realm of AI or seeking to enhance your knowledge about Large Language Models and Prompt Engineering, this course caters to a wide spectrum of learners.
    No, the course is structured to be comprehensive, guiding learners from basic to advanced concepts seamlessly.
    Video content is 4 hours long. The course spans several self-paced modules and is designed to be both thorough and engaging. With varying module lengths, learners should anticipate dedicating a few hours to maximize their understanding.
    Absolutely! The course not only delves deep into theoretical concepts but also places a strong emphasis on practical application. Attendees will craft prompts, work directly with LLMs, and get a feel for real-world applications.
    Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certification acknowledging their expertise in the subject matter.
    Course attendees will have continued access to resources, ensuring that they can refer back and refresh their knowledge whenever required.
    Certain sections of the course are adaptable and can be tailored based on your organization’s requirements, ensuring relevance and applicability. This applies to, but not limited to: examples, case studies and tools. It is also possible to add company ressources as well as a video message from your Leadership Team to drive engagement. We are dedicated to providing the best learning experience possible, contact us for further inquiries.
    Most of the instances of hallucinations can be prevented through common prompt engineering techniques which are presented in this course. This question is dealt with in details in the course.
    Our team, led by Melvin Kianmanesh Rad, is committed to the learning journey of every participant. Post-course support and avenues for additional questions will be provided.
    Driven by Melvin’s rich experience and insights from teaching over 1,000 professionals, this course uniquely marries theory with practical application, focusing on Prompt Engineering. It’s a blend of advanced knowledge, real-world application, and strategic foresight. Compared to other courses, this courses is the only one thought with the right level of complexity and a curriculum that is specifically thought for driving safe adoption of AI tools for the corporate setting.
    In simple terms, it is the art and science of writing the right instructions (prompts) for language models such as GPT-4. This is crucial since the quality of the output of these AIs depend greatly on the input we provide. Lack of understanding of key prompt engineering principles is often the main barrier preventing wide adoption of these tools into day to day tasks. Prompt engineering also allows LLM users to deal with issues such as “hallucination” (invention of unreal facts) and “bias”. Prompt engineering skills allow users to make a safe and ethical use of LLMs.

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