“AI's Potential is Clear, Yet Mindset and Skills Often Block Adoption”

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“Prompt Engineering is to craft precise instructions for clear communication with AI. Mastering this skill is essential to inspire trust, shape the right mindset, and drive comprehensive adoption. Tailored for corporates, our course lays the foundation for safely and effectively integrating ChatGPT into daily tasks.”

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In a rapidly evolving job market, those with cutting-edge skills set themselves apart. This course empowers you to.

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Over the duration of this course, you'll delve into:

  • Practical & Hands-on Content
  • Videos & Quizz
  • Examples & Case studies
  • Prompt Engineering Secret Tips & Tricks
  • 500+ Prompts Library Tailored for Corporates
  • Adapted to Corporate Tools (Bing Chat Enterprise)
  • Prompt Engineering Principles
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    In a rapidly evolving job market, those with cutting-edge skills set themselves apart. This course empowers you to.

    Dive into the expansive world of Generative AI. Through vivid examples, we showcase AI not as a replacement but as a tool for enhancement in daily life and work. Witness the myriad applications, from stunning visuals to eloquent AI text. To underscore the course’s alignment with your vision, an optional address from your leadership can be incorporated, cementing the course’s importance. This introductory section sets the tone for the transformative learning journey ahead.
    Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Large Language Models like ChatGPT. Grasp the landscape, discerning between various AI tools and their unique attributes. Here, we unravel the capabilities and inherent boundaries of GPT, ensuring you have a grounded understanding of what it can and cannot achieve. By framing LLMs within the right mindset, we arm you with a mental toolkit to evaluate AI outputs critically. These insights naturally pave the way to introducing the pivotal concept of Prompt Engineering. Witness practical demonstrations of how these AI marvels can reshape corporate scenarios, offering a taste of what’s next in the course.
    Navigating the world of LLMs is akin to driving a car. While deep knowledge of the engine’s intricacies isn’t essential, a basic understanding of its operations enhances our driving experience and safety. In this short section, we simplify the complexities of LLMs, offering a high-level perspective of how they function and learn. Delve into the core principles of training and behavior of ChatGPT. By the end, you’ll possess an intuitive grasp, vital for mastering Prompt Engineering, and appreciate the beauty of the machine beneath the surface.
    Before delving deep into the world of Prompt Engineering, it’s crucial to get familiar with the tools of the trade. This optional section is tailored for hands-on experience. Participants are introduced to platforms like ChatGPT, BingChatEnterprise, or any corporate-sanctioned application, ensuring they’re equipped to navigate the interfaces confidently. Beyond mere navigation, this module establishes the foundation for corporate guidelines and policies related to LLM interactions. By its conclusion, attendees will have penned their inaugural prompt, marking their first step into seamless integration with company-endorsed LLM platforms. A concise yet pivotal step, it paves the way for the advanced techniques that follow.
    Navigating the vast potential of LLMs centers on the discipline of Prompt Engineering. In this pivotal section, we break down the subject into eight cardinal principles. We initiate with the precise method of crafting effective prompts, delving into techniques that not only guide the LLM responses but also ensure reliability by minimizing hallucinations and invented facts. A key component is the iterative process: refining prompts based on feedback to achieve optimal outcomes. Each principle is illuminated with practical examples and case studies, grounding the knowledge in real-world applications. By the end of this module, participants will have a comprehensive prompt template built on these foundational principles. This isn’t just theoretical; attendees are encouraged to apply their newfound knowledge to real tasks, anchoring their learning in practical experience.
    While the foundational principles of Prompt Engineering set the stage, there’s a world of advanced techniques awaiting those eager to elevate their expertise. In this section, we delve into nuanced strategies that enhance the quality, speed, and adaptability of our prompts. These aren’t just about obtaining an answer; they’re about shaping the LLM’s response to best suit your unique context and requirements. You’ll discover out-of-the-box applications of GPT that transcend the conventional, pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible. From leveraging the LLM to structure your thoughts and brainstorming sessions, to molding its outputs with your knowledge and perspective, this module imparts skills that make the AI not just a tool, but an extension of your intellectual processes. Incorporating lessons from the field, tips, tricks, and best practices, this section ensures that you’re not just using ChatGPT — you’re mastering it.
    Diving into the vast realm of LLMs, it’s crucial to tread with caution and cognizance. This section is dedicated to ensuring participants operate these tools responsibly, securely, and ethically. -Safety: We delve into the common pitfalls one might encounter, emphasizing intellectual property considerations, especially when publishing externally. A significant focus will be on understanding and managing ‘hallucinations’—instances where LLMs might invent facts or provide misleading information. -Security: Handling data with ChatGPT or any other LLM requires a clear understanding of security protocols. We’ll address data handling, storage, and ensuring confidentiality, especially in corporate settings where sensitive information might be at stake. -Ethics: An unbiased AI is an ideal, not a guarantee. We discuss the inherent biases in LLMs and explore strategies for fairness. A highlight is the role of prompt engineering in mitigating these biases and ensuring a more equitable AI response. Armed with this knowledge, participants will not only be proficient in utilizing LLMs but also in doing so with a keen sense of responsibility and ethics.
    As the AI wave surges, understanding its current state and future trajectory is vital for any forward-looking individual and corporation. In this section, we map out the expansive realm of AI’s influence and potential. -State of AI: Get a pulse on where AI currently stands. From foundational models to the latest breakthroughs, we provide an encompassing view of today’s AI landscape. -Applications and Future Inroads: We’ll explore the diverse arenas where AI is making a mark and anticipate the sectors it’s poised to transform next. From healthcare to finance, the implications are vast and varied. -Research Frontiers: Peer into the labs and institutions pushing the boundaries. Learn about the cutting-edge research areas that are shaping AI’s tomorrow. -Corporate Implications: In an ever-evolving business world, understanding how AI fits into corporate strategies and operational efficiencies is essential. We’ll dissect the role of AI in current corporate scenarios and its future significance. -Career & AI: With AI reshaping job landscapes, we’ll guide participants on how best to position themselves and leverage AI for career advancement. Knowledge is power, and being AI-literate is becoming non-negotiable. -Societal Impact: An objective exploration of the societal ramifications of AI. We present various perspectives on AI’s societal role, allowing participants to understand the breadth of opinions and concerns in the wider community. Equipped with this knowledge, participants will be better poised to navigate the AI revolution, making informed decisions for their corporations and personal careers.


    Learn more about the course’s Instructor Profile

    Our instructors are seasoned data scientists with extensive industry experience. They're passionate about sharing their expertise and preparing you for a future-focused career.

    Rémi Sabonnadière

    CEO of Effixis

    Rémi Sabonnadière is the esteemed CEO of Effixis, a company rooted in the advanced realm of Artificial Intelligence and birthed at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). With a specialized focus on language models and generative AI, Effixis is at the forefront of innovation, providing both expert consultations and state-of-the-art solutions to Swiss enterprises and public organizations. In addition, Effixis offers cutting-edge training programs for their employees, further emphasizing its commitment to AI education.

    An alumnus of the renowned Imperial College London with a Master's degree in Data Science, Rémi also holds a Bachelor's degree from the EPFL. His impressive academic background is further bolstered by his robust professional experience in the AI industry.

    But Rémi’s contributions to the AI field extend beyond his work at Effixis. He is also a noted speaker on AI topics, passionately sharing his expansive knowledge with wider audiences. His contribution to scientific literature, as a co-author of numerous research papers, further illustrates his commitment to advancing the understanding and application of AI.


    What they say

    Course impact

    In the past month, over 200 data scientists like you have enrolled in this course. Many of our alumni have seen advancements in their careers, with some securing interviews at top tech companies. Here's what they have to say.

    Maeve Devery

    HR People Partner

    “The course proved to be incredibly useful, providing me with practical insights and strategies that I am eager to implement in my role at Consilient Health. Your expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning process not only productive but also enjoyable. I am particularly excited about applying the principles of Corporate Prompt Engineering to enhance our HR processes and communication within our organization. The knowledge gained during the course will undoubtedly contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our team”
    Consilient Health

    Alastair Coull, PhD

    Lead of Pictet Academy

    “We have been extremely pleased with the trainings that Prompt University have rolled out to over 500 of our employees at this stage, engaging them concretely with use cases and prompt engineering. The feedbacks exceeded our expectations.”

    Jan Baur, PhD

    Head of Digital Lab

    “The prompt university has delivered a tailored and engaging session for our entities, onboarding a diverse audience to the field of prompting. The session provided our collaborators with key elements for efficient usage of tools and inspired a new use case in our business.”
    Total Energies Trading

    Steve Babureck

    Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development

    “Prompt University effectively bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and business needs with their pragmatic approach. Their courses, enriched by real-life project experiences in Generative AI, have empowered me to navigate the tech-business interface with confidence.”

    Christine Moriceau

    Informatics Partner

    “Prompt University has delivered insightful presentations at our company-wide Generative AI conferences and hands-on sessions have been equally impressive, promoting a robust understanding of the subject for everyone involved, the instructors are both highly knowledgeable as well as pedagogical.”


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    Prompt Engineering is a process of carefully crafting prompts to communicate with language models, like GPT-3, to elicit desired responses. It involves designing and optimizing prompts to guide the AI’s responses effectively.

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