The AI landscape is overwhelming, but mastering it isn't

Navigating Generative AI: An Executive Workshop

Our workshop offers a practical dive into the technology, shining light on its vast potential and inherent limitations.

Together, we'll map the strategic use cases for your business, address operational shifts, and pinpoint ROI-driven opportunities.

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All levels


Executives, Decision Makers

Lesson type

Instructor-led, on-site/visio


02 to 04 hours


Course impact

What they say

Maeve Devery

HR People Partner

“The course proved to be incredibly useful, providing me with practical insights and strategies that I am eager to implement in my role at Consilient Health. Your expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning process not only productive but also enjoyable. I am particularly excited about applying the principles of Corporate Prompt Engineering to enhance our HR processes and communication within our organization. The knowledge gained during the course will undoubtedly contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our team”
Consilient Health

Alastair Coull, PhD

Lead of Pictet Academy

“We have been extremely pleased with the trainings that Prompt University have rolled out to over 500 of our employees at this stage, engaging them concretely with use cases and prompt engineering. The feedbacks exceeded our expectations.”

Jan Baur, PhD

Head of Digital Lab

“The prompt university has delivered a tailored and engaging session for our entities, onboarding a diverse audience to the field of prompting. The session provided our collaborators with key elements for efficient usage of tools and inspired a new use case in our business.”
Total Energies Trading

Steve Babureck

Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development

“Prompt University effectively bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and business needs with their pragmatic approach. Their courses, enriched by real-life project experiences in Generative AI, have empowered me to navigate the tech-business interface with confidence.”

Christine Moriceau

Informatics Partner

“Prompt University has delivered insightful presentations at our company-wide Generative AI conferences and hands-on sessions have been equally impressive, promoting a robust understanding of the subject for everyone involved, the instructors are both highly knowledgeable as well as pedagogical.”

Gain Practical Understanding of Generative AI

Identify Opportunities & Navigate Risks

Elevate Your Executive Role with AI

Stay Ahead of the Curve


Key Course Features

  • Real-World Experiences Shared
  • Tailored Examples & Case Studies
  • Ideation Session
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Industry specific Demos
  • Strategic Implications in Your Industry
  • Program

    Workshop Summary

    Discover Generative AI’s potential through an interactive roundtable. Witness its power, from captivating image creation to insightful text.
    Delve into real-world, industry-specific applications, priming you for the learning journey ahead.
    Master Generative AI’s capabilities and limitations. Unravel the workings of tools like GPT and develop an informed view on Language AI. Understand its business application context.
    Explore Generative AI’s industry-specific impact. Experience tailored demos, gain insights from success stories, and comprehend how Generative AI can revolutionize your industry.
    Collaborate in a brainstorming session on Generative AI’s applications. Receive expert feedback, prioritize innovative ideas, and deeply understand ROI. Leverage collective insights for an optimal AI strategy.
    Tackle challenges of AI integration, focusing on compliance, ethics, and privacy. Get guidance on change management, infrastructure upgrades, and strategic shifts. Equip yourself for a seamless AI transition.
    Understand the broader business implications and strategic importance of integrating Generative AI in organizational processes.
    Immerse in Prompt Engineering nuances. Refine your skills, understand its strategic importance for leadership, and end with a Q&A to emerge as a proficient AI leader.


    Meet Our Esteemed Instructors

    Our instructors are seasoned data scientists with extensive industry experience. They’re passionate about sharing their expertise and preparing you for a future-focused career.

    Bridging the gap between technology and business, our instructors ensure that your dive into Generative AI is both technically sound and strategically impactful.

    Technical Mastery Meets Business Strategy

    • Industry Veterans: Experience in AI technology combined with deep corporate strategy insights.
    • Tailored Insights: Lessons aligned with challenges unique to your industry.
    • Interactive Learning: Engaging, hands-on sessions that prioritize participant involvement.
    • End-to-End Guidance: From AI foundations to its strategic applications, they’ve got you covered.

    Dive Deeper: Clarifications and Insights


    The workshop is tailored for corporate executives, senior management, decision-makers, and anyone keen on understanding the strategic implications of Generative AI for their business.
    Absolutely! Our workshop is designed to be approachable for all levels, with a clear focus on strategic business applications rather than technical intricacies.
    Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI, be equipped to identify opportunities and risks in their respective industries, and have actionable insights into the strategic implementation of AI in their business operations.
    Our program is uniquely tailored for business leaders. It balances technical understanding with a strategic business perspective, using real-world examples, industry-specific demos, and interactive sessions to bridge the gap between technology and business strategy.
    Yes, there will be opportunities for participants to engage in discussions with our esteemed instructors, ensuring personalized insights and clarifications tailored to your industry and business challenges.
    Yes, the workshop offers industry-specific sessions that delve into the nuances and strategic implications of Generative AI for different sectors. For bespoke corporate sessions, please get in touch with our team.
    No prerequisites are necessary. Come with an open mind and the eagerness to embrace the transformative power of AI.
    After the workshop, participants will be granted access to a curated set of resources and readings. Additionally, our team will be available for follow-up questions and further assistance on implementing the insights gained.
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